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We are a registered non-profitable organization by Indian students pursuing their studies in Magdeburg. This society of our students is a group of extraordinary committee with organized and well-equipped members to favour and assist every Indian student coming to Magdeburg. Our aim is to help the new students in aspects like facilitating them to acclimatize to the new place. We also aim to help them in mingling with students from various countries, self-development and also in academics.

Maintaining a cultural gesture and promoting our tradition has always been our top priorities. We always strive to showcase our vibrant culture by organizing various Indian events, where we invite people belonging to different countries and thus foster the international unity.

Our events successfully promoted Digital India and Make in India initiatives. We extend our gratitude to Indian Embassy-Berlin for their continuous support.

Because of our persistent standing and perpetual efforts to help our fellow Indian students, Magdeburg Indians has won remarkable awards.

We not just welcome you abroad but also welcome you home!!

What are the primary activities of the associations MI?

Integration with the German Culture and Technology with an exchange of knowledge building relationship by organizing Cultural, Sport, Intellectual and Volunteering events and activities periodically. This applies to all the Incoming Student and Students living in Magdeburg, Germany.

Name of universities associated with MI?
  • Otto-von Guericke University
  • FachHoschschule Magdeburg
  • Uniklinikum Magdeburg
Do you have any activities to help new students who come to study at your university?
    Pre-Departure – I (2 Months Before Arrival)
  • VISA Procedures
  • Flight Booking
  • Accommodation Approach
  • Post-Arrival:
  • Pickup service
  • Temporary- Lodging
  • Accommodation
  • Bureaucratic Procedures (Helping) (Health Insurance. SIM card etc.)
  • Fresher’s Meeting
  • Instantaneous Reply:
  • What’s App Group (2-3 seniors answering messages)

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